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Materials Handling

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Material Handling

Material handling equipment is mechanical equipment used for the movement, storage, control and protection of materials, goods and products throughout the process of manufacturing, distribution, consumption and disposal.

Material handling plays an important role in manufacturing and logistics, almost every item of physical commerce was transported on a conveyor or lift truck or other type of material handling equipment in manufacturing plants, warehouses, and retail stores.


Products for Materials Handling

Reliance Hexham is an experienced materials handling equipment supplier specialised in custom solutions that may require specific design, manufacture or refurbishment processes. Our team has the qualifications, experience, knowledge and ability to get jobs done that others can’t.

All work is done in our workshop, or by an approved subcontractor, from design to manufacture, testing and certification, although we can also carry out testing directly on your premises if required.

We are equipped to supply and service the following types of applications, built following our design or that of a third party:

Forged Products 

Our team of qualified and highly specialised blacksmiths can count on over 100 years of collective experience. This enables us to reliably fulfil your requirements and deliver the highest quality forged products, including forklift components, hooks, chains, beams and other specialised equipment.

Fork Attachments 

With a team of engineers and tradespeople, that can count on more than 165 years of cumulative experience, Reliance Hexham is in a unique position to provide expert fork attachment manufacturing and testing services for specialty applications.


Hooks are part of the core business at Reliance Hexham. We have extensive experience in designing and producing hooks of any shape and capacity, ranging from just a few tonnes for niche applications to heavy-duty, 110-tonne applications. We come in where the products available on the mainstream market cannot.

Lifting Beams

Lifting beams are instrumental in providing sufficient load control and increase the speed of rigging operations. Reliance Hexham can create tailored solutions specific to your needs. One of our customers was looking for a solution allowing him to quickly and securely lift 14-tonne diesel engines. Our team developed and produced a specially designed lifting beam that would connect to the existing crane and bolt onto the engine, skipping otherwise lengthy rigging operations.

Specialised Lifting Equipment

Reliance Hexham provides a range of expert services for specialised lifting equipment thanks to its qualified and highly experienced personnel.
Our engineering team will be able to advise you on the best solution for your setup and incorporate the required functionality into the design, while our technical team will ensure that your new equipment respects the highest standards of quality and meets all testing requirements.


Testing Services for Materials Handling

We have extensive testing capabilities and are accredited by NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) to perform a range of Destructive Testing and Non-Destructive Testing procedures for which we can issue the relevant certification to ensure your equipment is compliant with standards.

Testing can take place on our premises, on-site or at another location convenient for the customer.

Non Destructive Testing 

Proof Load Testing 

Reliance Hexham offers NATA accredited proof load testing services to assess load handling, rigging and tensioning systems ranging from 407kg to 203 tonnes, and issue the relevant working load endorsement. During our long history, we have tested an extensive array of applications, from heavy-duty crane hooks to extremely specialised equipment such as trapeze artist gear. Reliance Hexham is NATA accredited to perform Proof Load testing in accordance with our scope of accreditation.

Magnetic Particle Testing

After a proof load test or following an overload situation, lifting equipment can form fatigue cracks that may render it unsuitable for further use. To this end, Magnetic Particle Testing can indicate the presence of discontinuities within the object. This is possible thanks to the magnetic properties of certain ferromagnetic materials such as iron or steel. Reliance Hexham has had the opportunity to test a multiplicity of machinery, from hooks to specialised cranes and EWPs during our operation, and our technicians are highly experienced in this regard. Reliance Hexham is NATA accredited to perform Magnetic Particle testing in accordance with our scope of accreditation.

Brinell Hardness Testing

Brinell Hardness testing analyses the degree to which a material is resistant to indentation, and can be used for certification requirements or to assess the properties of an existing alloy. The process involves creating an indentation on the surface of the test material with a high precision denting machine. The dent is then measured with a microscope to verify its size, which is directly proportional to the material’s softness/hardness. Reliance Hexham is NATA accredited to perform Brinell Hardness testing in accordance with our scope of accreditation.

Function Testing

Function testing, is essential for high-risk machinery employed within the mining and metal processing sectors. Examples include lifts and cranes, as well as critical components such as detaching hooks and safety mechanisms. Function testing simulates a range of real-world working conditions in order to verify that the equipment reacts correctly to emergencies and that every circumstance is accounted for. The test is particularly useful for new devices, although, in our experience, we have encountered existing machinery that failed the test despite being in service, typically due to improper maintenance or safety mechanisms being out of order. This type of testing is completed by qualified tradespeople and/or Mechanical Engineers and is supported by our certified quality management system.

Liquid Dye Penetrant Testing

Liquid Dye Penetrant testing is a cost-effective method to find surface cracks on most kinds of machinery. This test involves using a coloured dye that, once applied, finds its way into fissures, revealing them to the naked eye. This type of testing is not currently covered by Reliance Hexham’s NATA accreditation but is completed by an AINDT Level 2 qualified Technician, a Test Report is issued and is supported by our certified quality management system.

Destructive Testing

Destructive testing measures resistance to impact, yield strength, and ultimate tensile strength of material and parts. It can be used to establish the safety factor of equipment as per Australian Standards requirements. This type of testing can also be used for design validation. Reliance Hexham is NATA accredited to perform Break Load testing in accordance with our scope of accreditation.

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