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Specialised Lifting Equipment

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Lifting operations involve the raising, moving and lowering of a load.

Lifting operations involve the raising, moving and lowering of a load within a variety of industries: construction, transportation, marine services, manufacturing, mining and metal production among others. Many operators in these sectors run processes that are specific to their niche—and sometimes, exclusive only to their operation. Factors such as load weight, shape, harsh environmental conditions (heat, chemicals), and centre of gravity location all dictate unique equipment needs. To maximise loading rates and load security during motion, custom-made solutions are often preferred.

The category of specialised lifting equipment encompasses lifting machines, such as cranes and forklifts, and supplementary parts, including hoists, chains, hooks, and lifting beams. When making equipment upgrades or modifications, the challenge lies in fitting the new equipment in the existing operational setup. To this end, it is essential to evaluate the functional process that the particular piece of lifting equipment will be part of.


Products & Services

Reliance Hexham provides a range of expert services for specialised lifting equipment thanks to its qualified and highly experienced personnel.

Our engineering team will be able to advise you on the best solution for your setup and design, while our technical team will ensure that your new equipment respects the highest standards of quality and meets all testing requirements.

Among our areas of expertise are the following:

  • Lifting Beams
  • Lifting Hooks
  • Smelter Lifting Equipment

Please read on to find out more about how we can help you conquer your specialised lifting challenges in each category.


Lifting Beam

Lifting beams are handy tools when it comes to stabilising loads or handling items that can easily bend, such as metal sheets. Lifting beams connect to lifting machines via an attachment point on the top part, and feature multiple lifting points underneath.

During our operation, we have developed a variety of bespoke lifting beams for our customers’ unique setups

One such project involved creating a lifting beam for lifting large diesel engines. Our team developed a hook-compatible frame to be bolted directly onto the engine.

This solution ensured high load stability and quick turnaround for the customer’s lifting operations.


Smelter Lifting Equipment

Foundries provide some genuinely unmatched challenges for lifting equipment: the heat and chemicals involved in the production of metal necessitate high-grade, reliable machinery that can stand the test of years of service.

Reliance Hexham works closely with customers engaged in metal production to design, manufacture, test and refurbish their smelter lifting equipment.

Just recently, we delivered two kinds of tailored hooks for customers from the steel and copper processing industries.

Such hooks demand the use of superior materials, like carbon steel, and comprehensive heat treatment to attain the required working load capacity and physical characteristics.


Specialised Lifting Hooks

Seemingly simple components of many a rigging set, hooks can come in a variety of designs, materials composition and load capacities, based on their function within the overall lifting operation.

Reliance Hexham offers a full range of services for specialised lifting hooks, including design, manufacturing, testing and overhaul.

Our experienced team has delivered a multitude of custom-made hooks with lifting capacity ranging from a few tonnes up to 110 tonnes. A recent hook design we developed has allowed a customer working within the lumber industry to quickly and securely lift multi-tonne timber logs, improving the efficiency of operations.

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