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World-class design and engineering solutions tailored to your requirements

At Reliance Hexham we strive to provide world-class design and engineering solutions tailored to your specific requirements, compliant with the appropriate Australian Standards, statutory guidelines and regulations.

Our professionally qualified Engineering Team can manage a project from design to commissioning following our Design Development Plan which controls the process.

Determining design responsibility is the first step, clarifying this from the beginning ensure all parties are clear on their obligations and duty of care.

Our Design & Engineering Process always stems from an unmet customer need.

Once the customer requirements and restraints (Design Inputs) are clear, we proceed to develop a Concept, which takes the shape of a preliminary, 2D or 3D simulation.

Through a process of feedback loops and in-depth modelling, we build a more Detailed Design that finally goes through Review & Verification before being handed over to the customer for approval.

The design process is supported by our quality management system, which is certified to ISO 9001:2015, The traceability and documentation supplied to the customer provides a point of difference and fulfills the due diligence and duty of care requirements for designers under the Work Health & Safety Legislation in Australia.


Design Inputs

Reliance Hexham specialised in design, manufacture, testing and commissioning of bespoke, made-to-order equipment & parts, thanks to our team of dedicated engineers and tradespeople.

Our involvement begins when a customer approaches us with a specific need, often requiring a customised solution that cannot be found anywhere else on the market. Our first step is always listening and understanding.

We examine the specifics of each situation and match them to the customer’s desires and requirements.

Depending on our knowledge of the particular client and the issue at hand, we might visit the site to capture all of the specifics, or we might do so directly in-house, through a phone and email exchange.

Based on our findings, we then generate a comprehensive job file, where desired deliverables, specifications and design requirements come to life as an initial concept.


Initial Concept & Preliminary Design

After putting together an initial concept, our Engineering Team creates a preliminary design, which can be a 2D drawing or a 3D Inventor model.

To allow the customer to get a more practical grasp on the look and feel of our proposed solution.

The preliminary design stage also serves as an “acid test” and a catalyst for further probing of our concept. Thanks to additional inputs from the customer, our initial concept evolves and is refined.

We may conduct a Design Risk Assessment so as to eliminate, mitigate, or manage any risks, and ensure that our drawings meet all applicable Australian standards and guidelines, as well as any customer-mandated technical specifications.

Once the customer is satisfied with our proposal, the project proceeds onto the next stage: detailed design.


Detailed Design

At this stage, our Engineering Team dives into the detailed design of the agreed solution. We utilise a range of the latest software and perform exhaustive 3D modelling to create a detailed, finished design.

Our calculations ensure that strength, fatigue life and performance levels are fully satisfactory.

In addition to providing technical specs, we put together a functional description of the product, supported by a manufacturer’s manual that includes user instructions and conditions for safe use.

The maintenance, inspection and testing requirements contained therein will ensure a safe, long-lasting operation of the equipment.

This step of the design process also includes specifying testing requirements that the model, once manufactured, needs to pass in order to be deemed safe and fit for purpose.


Design Review & Verification

The Review & Verification of engineering work is perhaps the distinguishing, most vital stage of our design process. Every document and calculation produced by the project lead engineer gets audited and approved by a second engineer.

This step ensures that everything checks and no oversights make it into our final design. Design calculations are verified using a combination of hand calculations and Finite Element Analysis.

This is the stage where we polish and finalise our design. We create a certificate of mechanical design, update our Design Risk Assessment and check, once again, that our drawings are compliant with applicable Australian Standards, industry guidelines and the Work Health and Safety Act.

Only once we are 100% satisfied with our final design, we present it to the customer for a last review and approval. Third party verifiers are also welcome to participate at this stage. Once approved, we deliver the relevant documentation to the customer.

However, our paths do not have to split here.

Reliance Hexham also offers fully integrated manufacture, installation, design verification and commissioning services . Design validation by means of destructive testing can also be provided.

Our projects range from a simple “size to fit” adaptation of an existing solution, perhaps observed in a different industry, to a major scrutiny of an on-site issue that warrants the development of an individually tailored solution.

Our Design and Engineering projects last anywhere between one week (for instance, to develop an entirely custom rope attachment) to several months, as in the case of more complex solutions requiring numerous back and forth interaction between our Engineering Team and the customer.


Reliance Hexham Design Services

We offer the following professional design services:

  • Design verification of existing equipment
  • Design of new equipment
  • Certificate of Mechanical Design
  • Design Calculation Reports
  • Design Risk Assessment Reports
  • Concept Designs
  • 3D Computer Modelling
  • Detailed Design Drawings
  • Design validation by means of destructive testing

Reliance Hexham accepts the design responsibility for all of our original designs, meaning we hold the risk for the design, not the customer.

We can also complete the manufacturing side of projects,as well as the design side, thanks to our dedicated team of tradespeople.

Past projects in our portfolio include:

  • Dolly Cars with carrying capacity up to 40 persons
  • Man Cars, including those upgraded to current regulations
  • Materials and equipment transporters for slope haulage drifts
  • Cages for vertical shafts
  • Skips for Coal, Mineral and Ore
  • Specialised Lifting Devices

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