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Design, manufacture and testing of drift conveyances

Reliance Hexham design, manufacture and test drift conveyances, drift slope haulage systems and conveyance rope attachments, in accordance with AS/NZS 3785.8 and AS 3751, for the Australian mining sector.

Drift conveyances are vital components of infrastructure for the underground mining industry.

We operate in accordance with regulatory requirements and to the highest engineering and manufacturing standards, delivering custom solutions to our clients’ exact specifications, and ensure your equipment is 100% fit-for-purpose.

This page talks about our drift conveyance services. For our shaft conveyance services, click here.


Requirements & Regulations for Drift Haulage and Drift Conveyances in NSW

As defined by the NSW Mining Design Guidelines, drift haulage is a system of shaft winding in an inclined shaft or tunnel, the gradient of which does not exceed 1 in 3, or 33.3%. Within this system, drift conveyances are vehicles that travel on rail tracks in the inclined shaft, transporting personnel, minerals, materials, or a combination thereof via a rope and pulley system.

Due to the nature of operations in mine shafts and tunnels, a variety of risks to mining personnel subsist, stemming from the potential loss of control of the conveyance, or collision with objects during the movement of the conveyance.

The hazards associated with drift haulage in mine shafts has led the NSW Government to produce a range of Mining Design Guidelines for the industry, aiming to guarantee the safety and health of mine workers. These guidelines cover the requirements for conveyance design, robustness, and passenger safety, with particular regard to haulage specifications.

Periodic inspection and testing of drift haulage equipment are mandated by Australian Standards, as well as State and Commonwealth governments.

Ensuring proper equipment maintenance and fostering safe on-site practices will lead to longer equipment lifecycles and a safe operation throughout.


Drift Conveyances Services

Reliance Hexham offers expert know-how in the design, manufacture and testing of drift haulage machinery for the Australian mining sector.

Our services include:

  • Design and 3D modelling of new conveyances, and modification of existing conveyances;
  • Manufacturing, proof loading and non-destructive testing of conveyances in accordance with relevant standards and regulations;
  • Overhaul testing and re-certification of existing conveyances;
  • Assistance with on-site installation and commissioning.

Types of drift conveyances we have developed over the past years include:

  • Dolly cars with carrying capacity up to 40 persons,
  • Man cars, including those upgraded to current regulations,
  • Materials and equipment transporters for slope haulage drifts,
  • Flat tops,
  • Specialised, non-standard conveyance solutions.

One of the projects we’re most proud of is our delivery of two fully customised 40-man Dolly Cars, developed by our team from start to finish. Our 40-man Dolly Car is uniquely innovative thanks to its boosted capacity, which allows increased efficiency in the transportation of men underground, as well as to its versatility: our model allows for coupling with rail-mounted vehicles for materials transportation, too. Passenger safety, comfort and ease of maintenance are paramount in this cutting-edge drift conveyance design.

Reliance Hexham offers a fully integrated package that incorporates design, manufacture and testing of drift conveyancing equipment. Our Design and Engineering process begins with understanding our client’s specific needs and requirements, after which we come back with a 3D Inventor, concept proposal for feedback and discussion. Once our concept is approved, we go ahead and develop our detailed design, which goes through a loop of rigorous internal verification by our team. Equipment is manufactured in-house using exclusively high-quality materials and goes through both in-house and on-site testing (static and dynamic), before being installed and commissioned by our engineering team.

Patent & Tradmarks

Reliance Hexham hold the following Patents and Trademarks in relation to Drift Conveyances:
• Innovation Patent – Patent Deed – Improved Dolly Car or Man Car Battery Charging System
• Patent – A Bogie Arrangement for a Rail Vehicle
• Trademark – Reliance Franlane

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