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Workers should be adequately competent and fully comfortable with operating the equipment supplied

To achieve optimal results on the job and safety of people and property, your workers should be adequately competent and fully comfortable with operating the equipment supplied.

Such competency goes above and beyond technical qualifications and experience, as each setup is bespoke and is continually evolving.

Specific equipment training is, therefore, a fundamental component of any business employing machinery to carry out a portion of its processes and a necessary part of risk mitigation.

In addition, job satisfaction and personnel turnaround have been found to have a positive correlation with training offered on the job.


Product Training Services

Reliance Hexham offers group training on all of our manufactured products, both directly on the customer site and at our premises. Each session is individually tailored to the customer’s scope of operations and requirements, the type of equipment employed and to the context of the site.

Aimed at the personnel responsible for the operation and maintenance of the equipment, our training is delivered by our TAE-accredited technical trainers.

Each TAE trainer is a former tradesperson with extensive practical experience, current skills and comprehensive insight into the challenges of their industry.

The scope of the training can revolve around any of the products supplied by Reliance Hexham. In order to deliver training that brings value, is relevant and complete, our staff will discuss the desired outcomes with you well ahead of the session.

Our customers’ inputs are more than welcome and our presentation will be built around your requirements, making sure it is especially suited to your industry and the unique needs of your company.

All of our presentations cover the following:

  • Awareness of the products used by the customer
  • Operational and safety aspects of the products
  • Inspection and Maintenance requirements
  • Testing and certification requirements

Our technical trainers are on hand after the presentation to answer any questions your personnel may have.

Our training package includes an assessment questionnaire to verify the attendees’ understanding and recollection of the presentation contents.

A certificate of attendance is released upon successful completion of the assessment and may form part of your competency criteria.

Our product training is covered by our quality certification to ISO 9001:2015. All our trainers are TAE Certificates and presentation reference current Australian standards.

Reliance Hexham has already provided technical training services to operators active in various industries in Australia and overseas, including specialised training for a range of mining sites.

For any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone or email.

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