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Head Rope Attachments

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In underground mining, head ropes, also known as suspension ropes, main ropes, haulage ropes, or hoist ropes, are the most critical type of lines for shaft sinking projects.

Used to carry passengers, equipment and production up and down through vertical shafts, head ropes are secured to their respective conveyances by means of a head rope attachment.

Since head ropes represent the very lifeline of their cargo, it follows that safety and reliability are a non-negotiable component for both head ropes and their attachments.

In this respect, Australian underground mining is strictly regulated and monitored.

In particular, the AS 3637 Underground Mining–Winding Suspension Equipment series of standards lays out the rules for manufacture, usage and testing of mine lifting components, including rope attachments.

Notably, items of attachment come with a prescribed service life length and are required to be discarded on or before its completion.

Components of a string of head rope attachments include:

  • King type detaching hooks
  • Sockets (open sockets, basket/closed sockets, bridge sockets)
  • Wedge and thimble type cappels
  • Chains and chain links (master links, intermediate links, joining links)
  • Shackles
  • Pins, pinholes and swivels
  • Chase blocks
  • Drawbars

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Head Rope Attachments Services

Reliance Hexham has facilities to undertake all aspects of rope suspension equipment supply for the Australian Mining industry.

We are specialised in custom solutions and offer expert design, manufacture, testing and refurbishment services for head rope attachments.

This includes the latest 3D drawing programmes, CNC machining, forging, heat treatment and nationally accredited proof load and magnetic particle testing facilities.


Head Rope Attachments Design

Attachments represent the core of our business. We are proud to provide tailored design and engineering solutions leveraging our Engineering Team’s professional qualifications and extensive experience.

We follow a unique design and quality control process to ensure that your product is always delivered accurate, on schedule and compliant with all the appropriate guidelines and regulations.


Head Rope Attachments Manufacturing

Reliance Hexham manufacture rope attachments, as designed in-house or following an existing design, with a team of specialised tradespeople retaining over 165 years of experience between them.

Our attachments are made from high-grade materials and offer safety, ease of use, and reliability.

Among our services, we likewise provide heat treatment as per Standard requirements. Every rope attachment is heat treated as required and samples are then Brinell tested to verify results, which are then traceable as per our NATA Accreditation.

Head Rope Attachments Testing

Standard Mandates

The Standard mandates for head ropes and their attachments to be systematically inspected, maintained, and, measured for wear and tested.

Routine inspections must check for deformation, corrosion or other visible imperfections.

Reliance Hexham is NATA accredited to offer certification for the following Destructive and Non-Destructive Testing:

  • Proof Load Testing – as per Australian Standard requirements, all components of attachments in mining need to be designed for a safety load factor of 10. This requirement rises to 20 where chains and shackles are used for kibbles, cages or stages, without the employment of a safety chain.
  • Destructive Testing – carried out to the component’s failure, with the aim of understanding its structural performance or material behaviour under increasing loads.
  •  Magnetic Particle Testing for cracks – if cracks are indeed found, attachments should not be repaired but rather substituted due to significant safety risk.
  • Brinell Hardness Testing for tensile strength.

Experienced & Certified Personnel

All rope attachment testing is fulfilled directly at Reliance Hexham’s premises where our experienced and certified personnel uses advanced testing and precision equipment to ensure the maximum safety and reliability of our results.

Our team of specialists will be able to provide dedicated advice for your specific application and requirements, and is always at your disposal for consultations or quotation requests.

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