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Couplings & Drawbars

Couplings and drawbars constitute the foundation of a variety of mechanisms


We supply chains and chain components for a wide selection of industries across Australia


Sheaves are instrumental to keeping safety high and costs low

Specialised Lifting Equipment

Lifting operations involve the raising, moving and lowering of a load.

Smelter Lifting Equipment

Smelter lifting machinery finds its natural application within the demanding metal production industry: iron, aluminium, copper, steel, lead and other types of mills require quality, durable equipment.

QDS Attachments

In the world of underground mining, load-haul-dump machines, are utility vehicles engineered for heavy-duty operation such as underground loading and hauling.

Lifting Beams

Within lifting operations, a lifting beam is a mechanical device that can be connected to a crane, hoist, or other lifting machine.

Head Rope Attachments

In underground mining, head ropes are the most critical type of lines for shaft sinking projects

Guide Rope Attachments

Guide ropes are an excellent alternative to their fixed counterparts thanks to their ease of installation and reduced cost.

Vertical Shaft Conveyances

Reliance Hexham designs, manufactures and tests shaft conveyances.


Technogrid is a technologically advanced impact arresting device, developed with damage control and safety in mind.

Fork Attachments

Forklifts are versatile, all-rounder machines that can be used for multiple purposes.

Elevated Work Platforms

Industries employ elevated work platforms in the course of their daily operations.

Balance Rope Attachments

Balance ropes serve the purpose of helping balance the hoist rope weight.

Forged Products

Forging is a manufacturing process where heat and mechanical energy are applied to steel billets to create metal products.

Drift Conveyances

Design, manufacture and testing for Vertical Shafts and Slope Haulage systems including Dolly Cars, Man Cars and Flat Tops.


Reliance Hexham can manufacture a range of safety and lifting chains in many different sizes to suit your needs.

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