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Flat Top End Blocks

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Flat Top End Blocks

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Our customer had a flat top that was designed to be connected to another flat top at the inbye end as well as being used on its own.

However, when used on its own, these features create a large gap on the inbye end when the flat top is at the loading dock. These gaps are a safety hazard during the loading process of the flat top at the loading dock.

To have the ability to be connected to another flat top, the inbye end has chamfered corners to allow the coupled flat tops to go around corners during operation, as well as safety chain hooks & coupling box.


Concept Solution

Reliance Hexham were approached to see if we would be able to provide the customer with a solution.

Our Engineering team conducted extensive consultation with our customer and attended their site to inspect the flat top, as well as witness the loading process to gain a deeper understanding of the problem.

Our Engineers then came up with a concept solution to present to the customer

This concept included a set of removable blocks that could be installed when the flat top is being used on its own


Final Solution

Reliance Hexham were able to provide our customer with a cost effective solution, making the flat top fit for purpose whether being used individually or coupled with another flat top.

These blocks easily lift onto the newly installed mounting points, covering up with safety chain hooks and coupling box, while creating a flat edge to rest up against the loading dock.

These removable blocks remove all gaps and are designed to carry the full load of equipment rolling on top.

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