Jessey Renfrew

I started at Reliance Hexham in 2013 as a tradesman. I am grateful that Reliance have offered me the opportunity to complete further training to extend my skills and expertise.

I like the diverse work that I do at Reliance Hexham and the team make it a great workplace.

Jessey Renfrew
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Chris Keppie
Chris Keppie Project Co-Ordinator
Peter Aitchison
Peter Aitchison Workshop Project Assistant
Dane Avard-Percival
Dane Avard-Percival Level 2 MT Technician
Peter Ross
Peter Ross Tradesman
Kyle Brooks
Kyle Brooks Tradesman
Stephen McAlister
Stephen McAlister Tradesman
Isaac Wilson
Isaac Wilson Tradesman
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Nathan Mitchell Trades Assistant
Riley Gordon - 3
Riley Gordon Apprentice
Lachlan Tresidder - 2
Lachlan Tresidder Apprentice

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